Who is 'O' with the dots?

Hi everyone! I'm Özge, the woman behind 'O' with the dots. As you might just have guessed, 'O' with the dots comes from my name, which is a Turkish word which means "unique".

My daughter, husband and I have travelled around quite a bit. We've lived everywhere from Turkey to Australia, back and forth between Istanbul, London, Edinburgh, and Canberra. We're back in Scotland now, which has always been a base for our family. I have gained so much from all my travels but along the way, I lost the dots in my name, and Özge became Ozge. But now the dots are back! :)

Our jewellery

I make each piece of jewellery by hand in small batches. I find it very therapeutic to lose myself in the process of making and creating. I love the versatility and strength of polymer clay. A lot of time and care goes into creating each piece. I start by designing the earrings on paper, then carefully cut the different shapes out of the polymer clay, and then bake, sand, and polish them to get the perfect imperfect finish, before finally attaching the hooks, studs and hoops.

My handmade jewellery is designed to be colourful, fun, eclectic and offbeat, as well as lightweight and easy to wear.


Thanks for visiting my online store and helping to make one of my dreams come true, and I hope something caught your eye! I appreciate all of your support and encouragement so so much.

For any questions or comments, reach us on:
owiththedots@gmail.com ]